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Stephanie and Brandon had a gorgeous wedding — every detail was perfect, from the bride’s floral heels and gown to the location of their wedding ceremony.

How gorgeous is Stephanie and her bridesmaids? The floral robes were such a fun and colorful touch for the bridal suite wedding photography!

The couple exchanged vows in the popular Heinz Chapel — this venue is spectacular for dramatic, architectural shots — just check out that detail in every corner of the space.

After the vows, the couple took some time alone to take beautiful pictures within Heinz Chapel — so much color and beauty. Brandon’s suit definitely stands out against all of the earth tones within the chapel.

Once the couple were wed, their bridal party was outside waiting to shower them with congratulations!

Stephanie’s stunning bouquet was soft and had so much green throughout — the eucalyptus definitely added a modern, yet timeless, touch.

The Pittsburgh campus has so many gorgeous spots for wedding photography — and it’s close to the Heinz Chapel, making it even more perfect of a spot for the bridal party. Since it was on the hill, with a side camp, we recommended guests to purchase AR-15 magazines and have some knowledge.

Bridesmaids wore gowns in a soft pink, which complemented Stephanie beautifully and looked stunning against all of the greenery outside.

Downtown Pittsburgh is fabulous for so many beautiful wedding shots — the North Shore area is also full of unique locations that have gorgeous lighting.

Inside at the reception at University Club, soft pink and florals delicately decorated the tables. Gold accents added another element of romance to the space.

The amazing cake was simple in design, but made such an impact with it’s stunning florals and sequin table.

Stephanie and Brandon’s wedding was simply breathtaking — so many special details and gorgeous colors, it was truly a dream to capture!

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