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Photographs have an almost uncanny ability to capture whatever emotion you happen to be feeling whenever you take them.

If you are feeling excited and happy, it will show up in those finished images just as any stress or discomfort would inevitably too. That’s why I’ve always focused on making sure my clients feel as comfortable as possible during photo shoots.

Today, I will be sharing a few pointers from my treasure trove gained through years on the Pittsburgh engagement and wedding photography scene which will enable you to feel relaxed and infuse your images with the magic of the moment.

  • Avoid the pressure: In this present age of Instagram and Pinterest, there is often no shortage of inspiration. But what is often a pixel fest often converts to pressure to be just like everyone else. But that needn’t be the case: that special moment is about no one else but the two of you. And it is for that reason that I always encourage my clients to look within and ensure they use their inspiration in ways which work for them.
  • Be inspired by your favorite activities: This is one of the most creative ways by which you will be able to add an extra special touch to the moment while remaining completely at ease. Being inspired by the activities you enjoy participating in together whether it be sports like that which uses a bowstring, water sports, ballroom dancing, painting or cooking is bound to bring a smile to your faces and eliminate any pressure you happen to be feeling.
  • Take a break if you need to: A little bit of relaxation in between takes is never a bad thing. Especially since you will be able to treat yourself to light refreshment, change your outfits and touch up your makeup before getting right back into the swing of things. During my years of operating my Pittsburgh engagement and wedding photography business, I have found it to be rather beneficial and recommend discussing it before your appointment if you intend to have a brief break.

The keys to enjoying the perfect engagement photo shoot, feeling amazing throughout the entire process and getting those delightful pictures right after, are easily within reach. And they’re yours for the taking.

So go right ahead and remember to center yourself and your partner in every decision you make and do just what makes you smile and feel awesome!

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