Pittsburgh Wedding Photography — Tips for Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer on Any Budget — Wedding Photography Pittsburgh

One of the main concerns often voiced to me by couples intending to tie the knot tends to revolve around the issue of cost as it relates to wedding photos.

And while there is some truth to the fact that capturing your special day in pixels and print has been known to take a considerable chunk out of many a wedding budget, that is hardly the entire picture.

With careful and meticulous planning, you can have the pictures you have always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

And below, I will be outlining pointers gained from my very own experience of covering Pittsburgh weddings which will show just how you can set about achieving what almost seems to be too good to be true.

  • Make use of those personal connections: One of the best places to start your search for a skillful wedding photography professional whose fees will fall within your budget range is your inner circle of friends.


You would be surprised at just what hidden gems might pop up – think a friend of a close friend who is a professional in this area or even a family member.

And one of the very best things about connections made through personal contacts is the very high possibility of a helpful discount. Such a juicy deal might come in handy in ensuring you are able to put part of the resulting savings towards any possible wedding related contingencies or even towards your honeymoon.

  • Choose a professional with a flexible outlook: Certain professional wedding photographers often provide set packages for photo shoots in terms of how long they expect to be available at your wedding, the number of photos they will take as well as numerous additional services and the amount it would all cost.


It is often a better idea to go for individuals with a more flexible outlook to avoid paying for pictures you will not have taken and perks you may never end up benefiting from.

  • Choose a professional within your vicinity: One of the best means of keeping your photography budget down is by ensuring that the costs involved in transporting your photographer to the venue are kept to a minimum. And that’s what makes choosing an individual who lives within your city an excellent idea.


Doing so eliminates the need to pay for a plane ticket which could easily add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to your budget ensuring you are able to funnel the funds towards other plans involving your special day.

Keeping your wedding photography budget as low as possible while ensuring you get quality photos is a goal which is definitely attainable. And thanks to these pointers which have been gleaned from my years of operating a as a professional wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, there is no doubt that you will be able to get your plans off to a flying start.

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