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We are all well acquainted with the iron clad rule which simply refuses to entertain the idea of either spouse getting to take a glimpse of the other before tying the knot. But thanks to the growing popularity of the ‘First Look’, more and more couples are opting to go for what suits them the best and are doing away with it all together.

The post I have written for today is for anyone who is wondering if taking that plunge is a good idea and what possible benefits doing so could have. I think that you will find it rather encouraging and will come away with an understanding of why the ‘First Look’ is now being embraced by couples all over the globe — and maybe incorporate it into your day!

  • An early start on your photos: This is one of the most frequently cited advantages by couples whose ceremonies I have happened to cover right here as a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh: the opportunity to get a few photos underway with just the two of them – not to mention the tenderness and emotion of the moment which will make them extra special.
  • Effective for keeping nervousness at bay: Those few moments just before the ceremony begins can be rather nerve racking. Even though you’ve planned meticulously for months with your spouse to be, you can’t help but go over every minute detail and wonder if you’ve left any stone unturned. What if the cake doesn’t taste right? What if your best man’s forgotten the rings? What if the caterer doesn’t show up?


Most couples I’ve spoken to have confirmed that seeing their spouse before it all begins, works wonders on relieving those nerves and enables them to focus on what matters – enjoying every moment of that special day together.

  • The perfect remedy for any overwhelming emotions: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being moved with emotion at seeing your spouse in their wedding outfit for the first time. However, quite a few brides and grooms at Pittsburgh weddings I’ve covered have expressed worry about being overwhelmed at that very moment.


Incorporating a ‘First Look’ into your special day will ensure you will be able to experience that initial emotional moment together and enable you to hold up impressively when the moment for taking your vows arrives.

With these benefits which have been outlined above, it’s pretty easy to understand why dispensing with tradition can be a great idea. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned working in Pittsburgh as a wedding photography professional, it’s that there’s only one set of rules that really count: those guaranteed to keep you, your spouse and your guests happy and in a grand, celebratory mood!





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