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Pittsburgh is a city of many faces. It is the proud center of the nation’s steel industry and also boasts the greatest number of bridges in the world. And then there’s its weather which is actually wetter than Seattle’s but which also means the city gets transformed into a wonderful pristine wonderland in winter.

It is pretty much capable of holding its own in the natural beauty stakes too, thanks to its lakes and parks which can be found in abundance. These many wonderful facets mean you will be faced with a variety of choices when searching for inspiration for themes for your dream Pittsburgh wedding.

In this post I will be touching on a few popular ones which I have had the privilege of enjoying and which have proven to be a hit on each occasion.

  • City colors: Few colors are as striking as the city’s gold and black. And you too can enliven your wedding with them. Especially since all it takes is a touch here and there: a golden bouquet of flowers with a rich burst of green to add a hint of summery charm, golden buttonholes in black suits, golden bridal dresses with black hats and cuffs, the list is endless.
  • Nature: If you are a fan of the great outdoors and wish to celebrate your union with the fragrance of wildflowers in the air and the gentle rustle of a cool summer breeze, you will be able to do just that. Especially since holding a wedding in Pittsburgh means you will have endless choices when it comes to finding the venue which is right for you. Incorporating the flowers of the season and their colors as part of the decor will also add an extra touch of gaiety to your celebration which will come through in those wedding photographs as well.


  • Metallic theme: There aren’t too many themes which provide you with the opportunity to incorporate a sense of history and effortless glamour all at one go.


With a metallic theme you will get to honor the city’s role as an industrial giant         and also make your wedding decor and costumes especially unforgettable.

From name cards, to decorations, to bouquets, accessories and even your wedding cake, you will find countless opportunities to make your Pittsburgh wedding glimmer and sparkle with your favorite colors.

With its emblematic colors, its industrial history right through to its natural splendor, there’s no doubt that Pittsburgh is a city made for weddings. With these themes and so many more to choose from you will not only be able to plan the Pittsburgh wedding dreams are made of, but also create unforgettable memories too.


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