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Winter is rapidly becoming one of couples’ favorite seasons for tying the knot. And it’s pretty easy to understand why: its effortlessly festive aura, its silvery blanket of snow and frost and the perfect excuse it provides to share our favorite treats with  friends and family. And working as a photography professional in a city known for some of the most enchanting winters means I have also gotten to shoot quite a few of these delightful Pittsburgh weddings.

And today I will be sharing a few tips I have learned during my experience of coordinating winter wedding photography sessions. And what I will be focusing on is those colors which make the season come alive and accentuate everything which makes it special.


  • Burgundy: In my experience of working on the Pittsburgh wedding photography scene, I’ve found that this is one of my favorite colors for winter celebrations.


That’s because few colors are capable of enlivening the snowy splendor of winter and accentuating its pristine crystal white tones as this rich wine red hue which breathes elegance and sophistication. And best of all, only a slight touch of it is required. A few rich red rosebuds will add a splash of vivid color to a multi-floral ivory and white bouquet, while carnations of the same color will make the perfect button holes, enhancing the lighter colors of the ensemble being worn.


  • Sapphire: Nothing works like ice blue reminiscent of one of the most popular gemstones to add to the sparkle of the moment. If it happens to be your favorite color and you are planning a winter wedding in Pittsburgh or any city, you will find the opportunities for making use of it are endless: It is the perfect option for dispensing with the traditional bridal white while still getting to infuse your ceremony with a color which brings the same pristine quality. It is also ideal for accessories such as hats, brooches, scarves and ties and will blend effortlessly with darker hues while adding a hint of radiance to outfits as well.


  • Silver: If there was one color which was made for this season, it is silver. Particularly when accessorized with darker accents such as deep green, for example. Amazing ideas include a bridal dress accessorized with emerald jewelry, the groom’s jacket with a dark green folded handkerchief, as well as accessories such as scarves and hats.


It doesn’t need to be limited to the outfits of the day either since it can be incorporated into the decor with bouquets and candles of silver with deep green accents!

Celebrating your wedding in winter comes with as many opportunities for color as other weddings held at other times of the year. So if you are concerned about having to endure monochrome white, you needn’t be. You too can get to enjoy a special day touched by vivid, beautiful colors that will make your winter wedding appear especially magical thanks to the hues mentioned above. Best of all, it will all come through in those picture s ensuring your wedding photography session is an especially rewarding one.

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