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Behind every successful wedding is an awesome bridal party. That select group of close friends and family you have chosen to stand by you as you lay down those plans for your special day, and celebrate the start of a new life with your spouse in front of the world.

They’re right there to provide helpful advice often with a touch of good humor as you select your wedding vendors – wedding photography professionals and videographers included – and decide on your wedding outfit too. And what fun would tasting all the caterer’s samples be, if you had to do it all on your own?

In view of such unyielding support, it’s pretty safe to surmise that this faithful, much loved inner circle deserves a special treat every now and again.

And that’s what we will be taking a look at today: some of the very best ways you can relax with your bridal party and create yet more fun and special memories as you plan your wedding together.


  • A leisurely brunch: One thing I can attest to as a Pittsburgh wedding photography professional is the fact that there are times when it will feel as though there is simply so much to be done that even topping up those energy levels must be placed on the back burner.


And one of the best ways of ensuring everyone remains fueled and motivated is by organizing a delightful brunch at a lovely restaurant or cafe close by.

Especially since eating out with friends and family is always an extremely enjoyable past time, and in this case, one which will ensure they feel especially appreciated.


  • A pampering spa session: As far as appreciative gestures go, this next option comes pretty high on the list. After all, no one can ever resist the temptation of spending an hour or more enjoying fragrant skin treatments and snacking on healthy food – all the better for looking amazing during those wedding photography sessions later on.
  • A touch of retail therapy: There’s nothing as rejuvenating as a burst of sunshine with loads of fun shopping thrown in for good measure. Particularly when you and your friends have been glued to the phone all day attempting to get hold of some of the most elusive and exclusive vendors to bring those plans to fruition.


The possibilities are endless, perusing your favorite stores, sitting down to a delicious lunch afterwards or even a picnic in the park! And once you return you might find that those vendors will be right where you want them – ringing your phones instead!

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, setting aside some time for rest and relaxation is always a great idea. And making special arrangements for your bridal party will not only ensure they feel appreciated, but will also make those moments especially memorable for many years to come.


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