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If you happen to live in a city like Pittsburgh, you will find winter one of the most fascinating seasons there is. And if you are planning a wedding, you will also get to find that it is the season with the most discounts due to being a relatively quieter time for most wedding vendors.

But as has been noted in previous posts, beauty and discounts not withstanding, it also happens to be rather unpredictable compared to the rest.

And with that in mind, I will be sharing a few tips from my experience of running my own Pittsburgh wedding photography business in this city known for its particularly snowy winters, on how best to account for this drawback when planning for your wedding.


  • Select the right vendors: Planning a winter wedding means focusing on a few tough questions when choosing your vendors. Like finding out just how they would operate in the event of a snowstorm choosing to make an appearance on your big day. Certain vendors will agree to reschedule at no extra cost at all which makes them an excellent choice for shortlisting – once you’ve checked out their skills and references.
  • Monitor forecasts closely: Participating in winter weddings in Pittsburgh means I’ve gotten to observe couples become thoroughly acquainted with weather forecasts in order to forestall the possibility of any unpleasant surprises.


And if there’s one thing I have taken away from that experience, it is the fact that checking weather charts over the last few years is also pretty effective. Especially since you will get to know just how likely you are to experience the perfect winter day on your wedding or witness a furious blizzard instead.

  • Keep your venue warm and cozy: In addition to monitoring weather forecasts, one other aspect which will demand a great deal of your attention will be heating. Especially since a warm and cozy venue will form the perfect setting for keeping everyone contented and happy particularly during your wedding photography


Although planning a winter wedding comes with its own fair share of challenges, they can be circumnavigated with a fair bit of meticulous planning. So if you have your heart set on one, all you have to do is keep a few helpful tips in mind, just like the ones listed above which will ensure all your best laid plans come together beautifully.

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