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There is something extraordinary about beautiful scenery which seems to invite us to immerse ourselves in its surroundings and come away with a part of it too.

If you happen to live in Pittsburgh and are planning your engagement, there is no doubt that you will have every intention of infusing your photos with that same special enchanting touch.

I’ve got amazing news for you: the city is filled with them. And being a Pittsburgh wedding photographer means I have coordinated photo shoots in some of its very best spots.

Today I will be sharing some of my favorite locations which are bound to ensure you not only thoroughly enjoy your Pittsburgh engagement photography session but come away with amazing photos and memories as well.


  • Historic Harmony: Pittsburgh is a city of many surprises and this is perhaps one of the most amazing of them all. Especially since it is the one place where you can get to step back in time and experience a quaint, European charm – German to be precise – without having to plan a trip around the world. And it’s all thanks to its delightfully unique buildings not to mention the comfy Wunderbar Café close by.


  • Mellon Park: Elegant stonework, a tranquil garden and a wooded grassland make this one of the most popular locations for obtaining professional engagement photos in relative comfort. The fact that it is a firm favorite among couples is hardly any surprise considering its uncanny ability to suffuse photos with its natural beauty in all seasons.


  • Hartwood Acres Mansion: This historic venue will feel like a portal in time to the fascinating opulence of the 1920s. And it’s all thanks to its vast stone mansion and stables which dominate the landscape. But there’s more to it than its stylish architecture and there’s no doubt that its gardens in full bloom will prove to be as captivating and alluring in your engagement photos.


  • Clemente Bridge: In a city renowned for its bridges, this structure is as iconic as they come. Named for Pirates baseball star, Roberto Clemente, and painted in the city’s yellow and black colors, this bridge is renowned for the panoramic views it provides during the day and its glittering allure by night. And best of all it’s open 24 hours although residents recommend visiting during a sports event when it will be closed to traffic.


Whether you have a preference for natural surroundings, iconic structures or simply a touch of history, you can be certain that you will be able to find just what you need for the perfect Pittsburgh engagement photography session in this city of black and gold.

There’s no reason why you can’t combine venues if you and your spouse happen to be up for it especially since the city is blessed with so many of them!

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