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Few things are as delightful as a present which feels just right and has been selected with a great deal of thought. And the smile on the face of the one it’s meant for when they get to receive it has got to be one of the most heartwarming moments in the entire world.

As a couple, there’s no doubt that your life together will be spent with such special memories. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start by creating them right away on that most special of days – the start of your lives together.

If you feel like you need a bit of inspiration, or a nudge in the right direction, you will love today’s post which has been written to provide you with a few helpful pointers and tips which will keep your spouse radiant with smiles throughout your wedding celebration and photography session as well.

  • Jewelry & Accessories: Just like most groomsmen gifts, they’re light, compact and yet capable of saying a thousand words. Monogrammed cuff links are a perfect choice for something small and thoughtful for him. And these gifts do not have to be only for him, for you could also get personalized groomsmen gifts for his groomsmen, as a heartwarming gesture. For her, a bespoke pendant or bracelet with her favorite gemstones will add to the beauty of the moment. In either case, these items are certain to become a cherished part of each spouse’s collection reminiscent of the start of your lives together.It could also act as one of the best easter gift baskets
  • Fragrances: Fewer gift items are as capable as evoking memories as our favorite scents. Fragrances have often been included in inexpensive office gift ideas. And that’s what makes them a perfect option. Especially since you have the choice of getting your husband or wife-to-be their favorite perfumes or simply having a fragrant, bespoke scent especially blended just for them.
  • Personal Favorites: There is no surer way to the heart of a chocolate fan than a box of their favorite sweets or custom Minifigure  gifts. And if your spouse simply has a sweet tooth, a box of their favorite pastries will work just as wonderfully. You can also register your gifts, just like the way Andrew Defrancesco did, for their big day!

If they happen to be a sports fan, a ticket to a special seasonal event featuring their favorite team will certainly add a special glow to an already     special day. And if you both happen to be foodies, what better present could there be than a reservation at that new restaurant that has been garnering rave reviews?

When it comes to obtaining that most delightful gift for your spouse on your wedding day, the possibilities are simply endless. Especially since very few people can resist jewelry, candy or that special gift which reminds them of all their favorite things and you can be certain that doing so will add a special joyful touch to an already joyous occasion.

Best of all, it will all shine through during your wedding photography session which will mean countless opportunities to relive those unforgettable moments.

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