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Selecting a team of wedding vendors can be pretty daunting. The to-do-list associated with that aspect of wedding planning can often seem just too long to be real and that in itself can make you feel reluctant to even get started.

But don’t give up just yet, because apart from the fact that it does get easier once you get the ball rolling, there are also a few key steps which will go a long way in ensuring you are able to put your dream team together with a minimum of fuss.

In today’s post I will be taking a look at them particularly as they pertain to the city in which I live and run my wedding photography business: Pittsburgh. I hope that you will come away from this post with great ideas and fully energized to make that dream wedding a reality!


  1. Set a budget and decide on vendors: This is an all important step which you and your spouse-to-be will need to take together. Doing so will enable you to have a clear perspective of exactly what you want your Pittsburgh wedding to look like and how you intend to plan for it, significantly simplifying the entire process.


  1. Use reputable guides: With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier to obtain reviews on specific wedding professionals in your city. Thanks to portals such as The Knot and The Wedding Guide, you can simply look up your city – Pittsburgh, in this case – and view each category of vendor. The information provided on them usually includes client ratings as well as their specialty which ensures you will be adequately equipped to make an informed choice.


  1. Meet up with prospective candidates in person: Once you’ve whittled down your list, it’s time to schedule interviews to ensure you get a feel for each prospective candidate. Treating these rendezvous as a professional business meeting is highly recommended hence wearing business attire to your meetings is a great idea.


If the date scheduled for an interview can’t quite work out for either yourself or a vendor but you happen to have your heart set on them, you can always opt for a Skype interview which would be the next best thing to meeting with them in person. Setting up a budget, drawing up your vendor list, finding reputable guides and getting to interview your vendors in person are just a few steps which will enable you to get the plans for your Pittsburgh wedding rolling.

Once you have begun, you will actually wonder what all the apprehension was about especially when preparations get under way. All you have to do is take that first step and watch as everything else falls into place!

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