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Running a wedding photography business in a city known for its winters means I have organized more than my fair share of photo shoots during this especially enchanting season. One of the most enjoyable debates I continue to encounter is the choice between outdoor and indoor wedding pictures.

Below I will be taking a look at the merits and drawbacks of both. And it is my hope that I will be able to provide you with a fresh perspective of the perks which come with either choice.

Indoor Pictures


  • Ease of decorating the venue: One thing I’ve discovered while working as a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh is that creating the beauty of winter within an indoor setting so that it makes your pictures come alive, is pretty easy to do. Cascading winter bouquets in white and green and even fir saplings and pine cones are excellent choices as are decorations in silver and dark green to add the intensity and mystery of the season.
  • Getting to coordinate a photo session with minimal fuss: Having all your guests in one place makes them pretty easy to coordinate. What’s more, your favorite spots with the best lighting will always be pretty safe from the caprice of the winter weather.



  • Missing out on the full beauty of the season: Although some of that special winter magic can be captured via windows and doorways, opting out of taking outdoor photos may mean that you will miss out on the full splendor of Mother Nature’s pristine winter spread.


Outdoor Pictures


  • The perfect opportunity to capture the beauty of winter: Outdoor wedding photography sessions present the full opportunity to take advantage of the natural beauty of the surrounding winter wonderland.
  • Excellent opportunities for added creativity: They also provide more opportunities to get really creative and to enjoy spontaneous fun moments. What can be cooler than creating your very own giant snowman and taking a picture right next to it?



  • A slightly more exacting photo session: Coordinating photo sessions in this weather might just turn out to be a bit more work compared to doing so indoors.


While some of your guests will gamely bear the winter chill, others will take every opportunity to seek refuge in a cozy warm spot indoors, until they can be invited out again away from the comforts of spicy punch and heartwarming hot cocoa, to brave the cold once more.

So indoor or outdoor photo sessions? Which is the better option of the two? Only one opinion really counts: yours as a couple. There’s no reason why you can’t combine the two in some form so that you get to enjoy the best both have to offer.

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