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One moment we were all living our lives peacefully without it and then the next, we woke up to find it had become an indispensable part of our daily existence as though by magic. I am of course referring to that cornerstone of modern society: social media.

From the look of things it does seem that it’s here to stay which makes getting the most out of it an excellent idea – especially for your wedding.

Today’s post is all about social media aside from the traditional email drop campaign to gain a community of followers or loyal customers: A few ways in which you can incorporate it into your special day to ensure that its magic remains limitless and unrestrained by time or space (or seeing phones in every picture!). Tools like  rank tracker can help keep track of all the posts and content on Google. For seo information, contact


  • Generate a special hashtag: Get to update your friends and family, about the progress of those wedding plans and the approach of the big day on Twitter and Instagram. And make it all the more special with the use of a very special hashtag known to only that close inner circle. You can also document the entire process on YouTube, and get active subs on Youtube if your video is effectively shot.


  • Create a special Facebook group: There’s nothing more disappointing than having some of your favorite people in the world unable to make your wedding due to bad weather conditions, canceled flights (there are some reliable ones and you can get them on their site) or a punishing work schedule. But thanks to Facebook Live,with  their explanation and consumer engagement, all you have to do is invite them all to a special group and share every moment of your special day with them.


  • Create a customized Snapchat geo filter: One of the best ways your friends and family can get to share the excitement of the big day is by getting to upload their very own wedding photography to Snapchat. What’s more, you too will get to enjoy some of the most hilarious moments that might have escaped your notice during the ceremony.


Availing yourself of the benefits of social media to share your joy with your nearest and dearest has never been easier. Especially since it all lies at your fingertips. Which means you can look forward to multiplying the joy of your wedding day with your loved ones and well wishers.


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