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It’s the moment you’ve both dreamt of, and now it’s here it feels so joyous! And just like all good things, it deserves to be shared with the world so that everyone else can get to join in the celebrations.

I am of course, referring to the marriage proposal which has seen you and your fiance set off on that exhilarating journey to a blissful married life.

And when it comes to sharing your happiness there’s no doubt that the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words, holds true. Especially since a glimpse of your sparkling ring on your social media page of choice will be sufficient to spread the excitement among your friends and family.

So today, we shall be taking a look at how best to channel your inner engagement and wedding photography professional and transform that sparkling engagement bling to pixel format to announce your joy to the world.


  • Pretty up those fingers: Pretty hands make for prettier photos, especially when they happen to be taking center stage. If you feel like treating yourself to a manicure, go for it. And if you don’t,  that’s no problem either. A fresh coat of varnish after a quick bit of filing, and some lotion should do the trick and ensure your hands look as beautiful as they feel adorned by your engagement ring.


  • A question of lighting: There’s no way I was going to leave this out. Not after years and years of coordinating photo shoots on the Pittsburgh wedding photography

Lighting is everything when it comes to getting that crisp, clear photo of your engagement ring. And in this case, I especially recommend natural lighting to eliminate the possibility of any overexposure and ensure your bling stands out in all its glory.


  • Beautify it with a backdrop: Selecting the right backdrop is guaranteed to add an extra hint of colour and beauty. The possibilities are endless: a delicately patterned surface, a pristine blue sky or even rippling waves.


Getting to show off your bling in all its glory on that Instagram or Facebook page is just one of the many enjoyable milestones on your journey towards that all important day. And as can be seen, getting that perfect picture is pretty easy too. There’s also one amazing bonus to it all: the pride you’re bound to feel at engaging in a touch of wedding and engagement photography all on your own!


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