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In terms of importance, it comes right after your wedding rehearsal. What’s more, it’s also the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to your favorite styles like those you’ve chosen for your Pittsburgh wedding, or to try a delightful novelty. And best of all, it is also an amazing occasion for tucking into your favorite dishes in the company of some of your favorite people in the world.

On a journey filled with wonderful, memorable milestones,  there’s no doubt that your rehearsal dinner is yet another opportunity to add to your ever growing collection of delightful memories.

And in this post, I will be looking at simple but effective steps which you can take to make it especially enjoyable.

  • Cross off the importance stuff first: Before you get started on this project, ensure you’ve got the heavy duty stuff sorted out first of all. Examples would include taking care of the venues you’ve set your heart on for the wedding ceremony and the reception in terms of booking and decoration.
  • Schedule a date: Once you feel delightfully lighthearted due to having taken care of everything to do with the big day, it’s time to schedule a date for the rehearsal dinner. In most instances, the most convenient dates often fall a day or two before your wedding ceremony.
  • Set the tone of the affair: Choosing themes often goes hand in hand with these milestones which mark the approach of your wedding. And that means the opportunity to enjoy your favorite one of all by matching it with your wedding’s or switching it up for something else.


For example, if you’ve booked the Grand Estate Hidden Acres, for your Pittsburgh wedding and prefer the informal setting of a garden cookout for your rehearsal dinner, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. The only right choice here is the one which you love.

  • Pay close attention to the little stuff: Going over your preparations with a fine toothed comb is highly recommended to ensure you’ve left no stone unturned. If you have opted to book a venue, such as a restaurant or hotel, ensure you’re aware of the venue’s cancellation and refund policy. In such instances having the manager’s contact details is also a great idea.


Crossing off the important stuff, selecting a date, deciding on a theme and going through all those plans with a fine toothed comb. These simple pointers come second to none in terms of efficiency. And once you’ve put them in place, you’ll be able to look forward to a thoroughly enjoyable rehearsal dinner.

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