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Planning the perfect, fairy tale Pittsburgh wedding is probably one of the most demanding, yet thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding projects you will ever embark on.

And one of the most important choices which will determine how it all plays out on the day, will be the vendors you select.

Especially when it comes to picking your wedding photographer. And that’s because they’re are going to be the one ensuring you get to relive that wonderful day time and time again.

As one of Pittsburgh’s wedding photographers, I know the key points which need to be taken into consideration when selecting one and it’s my pleasure to be able to share them with you today:

  • Check out their body of work: Every Pittsburgh wedding photographer who takes their craft seriously will have an extensive portfolio which should be easily accessible on their website. Checking it out will enable you to find out about their styles, skill levels and experience and decide if you would like to find out more about them.
  • Check out their reviews: Once upon a time, the local grapevine was your only source of information on what wedding photography professional to give a wide berth to and what individual was worthy of your custom. And while it can be pretty effective, being able to cast your net much wider feels a lot nicer. And thanks to apps such as GigMasters which provide extensive selections of the most reputable wedding vendors, you will not only get to choose the most skilled individual but the most personable too.
  • Get to meet them: Nothing works like meeting someone in person. And that’s why you’ll need to schedule interviews once you’ve shortlisted the individuals you’re interested in.


But what if something crucial pops up on your scheduled date? A video call might just be the next best thing. And thanks to apps such as Skype and WhatsApp, you’d still be able to see if they’re really what you want and need for the perfect wedding.

Selecting the right Pittsburgh wedding photographer to freeze frame those awesome moments doesn’t have to be an uphill task. And with these brief pointers you can be certain that you will find the professional that’s just right for you with a minimum of fuss.

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