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We all dream of being that bride-to-be who remembers the slightest detail and gets to  experience the smoothest progression of  our perfectly laid plans.

Even though it does seem that attaining such perfection might just require the wave of a magic wand, the truth is that staying organised while planning the wedding of your dreams can most certainly be achieved.

Below, I have provided a few practical tips gleaned from years on the Pittsburgh wedding photography circuit on keeping on top of it all. And it is my hope that they will enable you to achieve the effortless planning each bride-to-be dreams of.

  • Decide on a wedding day timeline: Setting down a rough sketch of your wedding planning diary, the dates and the milestones involved is an excellent means of ironing out what tasks will need to be taken care of and when. Especially since you will get to flesh it out and take every relevant minute detail into account too.
  • Set up your very own wedding email address: In your quest for the perfect venue and top wedding photography professionals, florists and caterers – not to mention really great discounts – the chances of your inbox becoming pretty much unrecognizable are somewhat high.


Setting up an email account for all wedding-related issues will ensure you’re able to avoid having to wade through the ever growing pile before getting to sift through your wedding-related messages. That way you’ll always be certain of having all you need right where you want it – at your very fingertips with a minimum of fuss.

  • Set up a dedicated work space: In addition to your email box being overwhelmed by all things wedding-related, chances are that the rest of your home will be too. And that’s what makes setting up a dedicated work space a great idea. Especially since doing so will ensure you’re able to immerse yourself in your wedding plans whenever you need to while keeping the rest of your home delightfully clutter free.


Setting up a wedding timeline as well as creating a dedicated email address and setting up your very own wedding work space are steps which have been known to work wonders for brides-to-be in enabling them to remain effortlessly on top of all those plans. And there’s no doubt that they will come in handy in enabling you to keep your plans beautifully streamlined too while you plan for your special day.

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