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Whether you’ve lived in the Steel City all your life or have just recently come to call it home, there’s no doubt that one of your key concerns when planning your Pittsburgh wedding is booking the very best vendors who will make your special day simply unforgettable.

And as a wedding photography professional operating out of the city known for its delightful gold and black colors, I’m only too glad to share a few helpful tips with you on how best to hire the very best wedding vendors Pittsburgh has to offer.

  • Wedding magazines: One of the very best sources for selecting wedding vendors such as Pittsburgh wedding photographers, for example, are top online wedding magazines. Especially since the very best of them are known to provide an updated section where you will be able to obtain information on top rated vendors in your city.
  • Wedding Apps: Responsible for bringing wedding planning into the 21st century right along with everything else, wedding apps have proven to have significantly upped convenience levels during what can often be a pretty stressful period.


And it’s all thanks to apps such as GigMasters which are the perfect choice for ensuring that top rated wedding vendors are merely a few clicks away.

  • Personal recommendations: In an era when all that separates us from our favorite things is simply a mouse click or two, it’s all too easy to forget tried and tested methods which are just as efficient. Few things are as effective or as helpful in your quest for the perfect Pittsburgh wedding photographer, florist or caterer than a recommendation from a friend or family member who’s enjoyed their services. Especially since they will come ready to impress and might even be more amenable to negotiating any tweaks you may require.


Top tier wedding magazines, wedding apps and word of mouth. These three means of finding the very best wedding professionals the city of steel has to offer are pretty efficient and will ensure you are not only able to fulfill your quest but also save loads of time doing just that. Which means extra time for meticulous planning which will ensure you get to create the wedding dreams are made of.

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