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When it comes to planning your dream day, there’s no doubt that your biggest concern is likely to be the one determining factor which will affect just what you decide to include and what you decide to omit: your wedding budget.

So how much can you get away with leaving out while still enjoying a great wedding? The answer is loads. And below I will be examining just how you can significantly cut costs while putting together an especially glamorous wedding ceremony and an unforgettable wedding photography session too.

  • Select alternative weekdays: With most weddings being held on Saturdays and Sundays, venue providers and vendors such as wedding photography professionals who are only too happy to stay constantly booked often provide discounts for other days of the week. Hence setting the date for your wedding on a weekday such as a Monday, Tuesday or even a Friday, for that matter might just enable you to snag that dream venue or service with a delightful discount thrown in for good measure too.
  • Book as early as possible: Booking your venue or vendor of choice way ahead of time is another means of ensuring costs stay low. Especially since certain vendors and venues are known to up their rates, particularly when required at short notice.
  • Take full advantage of off-season benefits: The bulk of weddings in Pittsburgh and the nation as a whole, take place during the spring and summer months of endless sunshine and fresh, fragrant blooms. Hence most venues and vendors tend to charge top rates during these periods of the year. However other seasons are just as magical too.


And best of all, vendors and venues usually come cheaper around the fall and winter months since they tend to be relatively quiet. Which means planning a delightful autumn or winter wedding might just enable you to enjoy significant savings while enjoying your dream wedding.

So when planning for your special day, just how much should you save? As much as you can, especially since you can get to enjoy your dream wedding anyway. After all there’s no such thing as too many discounts.  And implementing these steps will ensure you not only get to plan a marvelous wedding ceremony but also arrive at the finishing line below budget.

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