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One of the easiest ways to create that beautiful, Pittsburgh wedding reception you’ve been dreaming is making sure you have beautiful table decorations. We tend to think that every single detail has to be big, extravagant and expensive, but that’s far from the truth. Also, weddings and receptions are not just about beautiful wedding dresses and flowergirl dresses. It is also about creating the right ambiance. The big task of decorating your wedding can be done with simple, unique tips, like the following ways you can decorate any rattan coffee table.

Keep it simple. The key to beautiful decorations is keeping everything looking harmonious and like it belongs together. You don’t need a chaotic looking garden on your tables, so it helps to think of the centerpieces, the plates’ layout and other details as simple as possible.

Play with Light. Candles can serve as decorations for the tables and on top of that they also add to the beautiful atmosphere of your wedding, bringing warmth and light that, as a wedding photographer, I can tell you makes the night ten times more romantic.

Go Green. Considering the stunning foliage we have here in Pittsburgh, adding some of this lush beauty is one of my favorite wedding trends of 2019. You can dress the table with imperfect roads of fern and leaves, giving beautiful freshness to the overall aesthetic of your day.

Draping fabrics. Bows, lace and many sheer fabrics can give your Pittsburgh wedding a romantic and original feeling. Be playful and feel free to mess around with different designs like ribbons, tulle or chiffon.

Be Fruity. By now, fruits have become a staple in most modern wedding, as a symbol of abundance. Because of their symbolism and just plain “looking good on anything”, you can consider using bunches of grapes, apples, pears, peaches, cherries, nuts, chestnuts, strawberries or oranges, for beautiful decor and to give off a magical aroma.

Flower arrangements. Don’t be afraid of the traditional approach and try out floral wedding centerpieces. A neat arrangement, like wildflowers along the center of the table can bring the color and beauty that your perfect day deserves.

The simpler the decorations, the better everything will look. It can feel tempting to go all out, but try to not over stuff the tables with too many pieces, prints or unnecessary elements.

Dodge the bulky centerpieces and maybe opt for the simple and original ideas I mentioned. These will leave room for all the plates and silverware necessary for the dinner; your guests eating comfortably should be a priority! You can take the opportunity to leave out a small souvenir like a thank you card on the plates: it will not occupy extra space and it will be a beautiful detail.

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