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The wedding cake is the sweetest and most delicious way to share your love with your family and friends. But choosing a Pittsburgh cake vendor that matches your wedding style, taste and budget can seem like a tasking job. That’s why I’m giving you my best tips to choose the absolute best vendor and delight all your guests.

Keep your wedding style and budget in mind. Way before you interview your first cake vendor, determine what you and your partner are looking for and adjust your budget accordingly. Are you in the market for a 8-tier extravaganza? Then you might need to give a bigger budget to the cake department. You could also Buy cream chargers online and get someone you know to decorate it with some whipped cream.

Always look at the supplier’s portfolio. Research their time of experience, know their website, see the types of clients they have had before, how many brides they have made happier. Experience is important but also look for more than just big names. Some Pittsburgh wedding cake vendors have few years under their belt but have done amazing cakes, so an in depth Google search can be really useful for your final decision.

Speak clearly. Always say upfront what you like, dislike, what you expect. This is an great way to know if the vendor is on the same page as your regarding the whole style of your wedding.

Schedule a tasting. Although the exterior of the wedding cake is almost always the most important thing, we can’t forget about the inside! The cake should be delicious, because it’s the best way to assure that when your guests eat it, the taste will leave a heartwarming feeling so that they remember your fairy tale day forever. Just like the wedding menu, the cake must go through the same process of choosing and tasting tons of potential vendors before choosing the final, perfect one for your Pittsburgh wedding, as this lets you choose the right flavor and make changes if it turns out to be different from what you imagined.

Be very careful with allergies. Cakes can contain nuts, dairy and other common allergens, inform guests about these ingredients on the printed wedding menu to avoid incidents problems.

At the end, if the chemistry with a supplier is good and you feel they understand your vision, the chances of you wedding day being as dreamy as you wish it to be increase significantly higher.  It doesn’t matter what type of extravagant or simple cake you end up choosing, if its fondant or buttercream frosting, enjoy this sweet, delicious journey!

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