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Planning your dream Pittsburgh wedding can seem like an impossible task to do by yourself, but that’s why you have a bridal party! These are the people that are going to help you make your fairy tale wedding come true. They are going to be with you when you choose the wedding dress of your dreams, when you try endless cake vendors and throughout all those sleepless nights looking for ideas on Pinterest for bouquets.

Since they are going to be with you throughout the planning and on the actual day, you have to put some good thought into who’s going to be there! Here are some tips on how to choose:

No drama. Don’t rush to pick your BFFs as soon as you get engaged. Ask yourself which of the possible bridesmaids will be calm on your wedding day and which will have a panic attack every five minutes. The moments before the ceremony tend to be chaotic and somewhat stressful, so you need women who can keep their cool despite any problem they may face.

Remember you’re a team. When you choose the lucky ones to be part of bridal party, think about those lovely and wonderful women in your life, like sisters, cousins ​​and your best friends, and even your future sister-in-law (this could help create a stronger relationship!). Keep in mind that they must be people who have been with you throughout your life and with whom you have shared good and also bad moments.

The Perfect Number. Usually, bridal parties range from 3 to 8 bridesmaids, but don’t feel pressure to stick to this suggestion! Nowadays, there are no rules for how many you need to have. If you want to be 10, 5 or 2, it’s a totally up to you. Of course, think about choosing a main maid of honor to help you sort out the responsibilities of each of the women in the bridal party.

Have a Backup Bridesmaid. Let’s face it, things happen. When choosing bridesmaids, add one to your list as a backup. Asking someone to join at the last minute may hurt some feelings, so having previously asked someone just in case saves both of you lots of trouble!

Enjoy the journey! Planning a Pittsburgh wedding is a lovely process when you do it with people you love!


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