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Finally, the day is here. The most wonderful moments of your and your partner’s life has a set date and now you get to remember the beginning forever, with the most amazing engagement photography.

But let’s face it, mother nature is, at times, unpredictable. As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I think the best advice I can give a couple is to have a backup plan in case it rains. Choosing the perfect location and time for your Pittsburgh engagement photography can feel tricky, but if you dare to go for the more romantic approach, why not take advantage of the rain?

A little water doesn’t have to be a terrible thing, you just need to make the best of it and use this gift of nature to get the best engagement pictures you possibly can in the gloomy weather! Check out some of my tips on how to get fabulous pictures if it rains in during engagement photo shoot.

Dress appropriately. You may not know what to wear to a rainy day, but do what sparks joy to you! Bring a fun, stylish outfit that makes you feel comfortable. It is, after all, your photo shoot! Maybe play around with rain boots and, of course, a cute little umbrella is a must.

Don’t be afraid to get wet. The reality is that if you’re going to get your photo taken in the rain, you will get a little wet. That’s the fun part! Get out and,  in between all the wind and the water, act like you’re posing to be in the cover of a magazine. You will look more interesting.

The perfect moment. Twilight and night time offer the best opportunity to take amazing pictures in the rain. The lights and streets are amazing during and just after the rain, and the storm clouds can serve as a dramatic background for the photos.

Prepare yourself. If you are worried about the rain, ask your photographer if he has experience taking pictures in the rain or if they are willing to learn.

Also, pay attention to the surroundings: the silhouettes of the umbrellas, the colors of the clothes, the reflections of the floor and the puddles … Look at the windows of the buildings, you may find a nice image of someone observing the rain. Be attentive to these details and capture them with your camera.

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