Wedding Photography Pittsburgh — First Look – Creative Ways to Photograph That Special Moment — Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

Your wedding date is a one of a kind moment, utterly special and unforgettable! Seeing your friends and family gathered to celebrate your commitment to the love of your life… what more could a girl ask for? Well, extraordinary photography to capture the moment! A beautiful Pittsburgh wedding deserves beautiful photography.

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve learned that what makes couples the happiest is the most creative pictures to capture their love and excitement for this next stage of their lives! This is why I’m sharing my top creative tips to make your wedding photography an unique experience. They are 5 ideas to take original and creative wedding photos that will inspire you and help you say goodbye to the typical photographs. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Pay attention to the details. We all love a traditional picture in the church on during the first dance, but taking the time during the busy day and capturing the tiniest wedding details will make the day stick to the couples memory forever when they go over the wedding album. Get close to the bride’s hairpiece or a shot of the best man seconds before his toast, these small details will ensure your photography stands out in their memory.

Think fast. Use action shots to make the photos lively! A wedding is usually filled with movement, whether it’s dancing or hugging or crying, you can capture so much if you pay attention to the details.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. You can use shadows to your favor and bring out the light in those special moments. Your Pittsburgh wedding, although brightly lit, can use some shadows to give a romantic and dramatic look that is really unique!

Get up high. Try taking the pictures from a creative angle. You may try really high up so you get a vantage point of the whole church, or maybe really low, so you see the shoes and funny colored socks of some of the guest!

Appreciate the process. Putting your dream dress on, getting your grandma’s earrings on, letting your bridesmaids fix your hair one last time because you’re just so excited you keep messing it up: the getting ready process is just as an emotional moment as the rest of the wedding. Try to capture those candid moments, because those are the one the bride and groom will look back and remember vividly!


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