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Finally, the moment has come. The love of your life proposed and now it’s time to think about the whole wedding journey ahead of you. But wait, before all that, you have to capture the beautiful day!

The most anticipated part of your Pittsburgh wedding journey is usually the engagement shoots. We all wish we could capture the warm feeling you had when your partner proposed… Well, you can! Cozy engagement shoots are all the rage right now, and understandably so. Why wouldn’t someone want to show their love for their partner, all snuggled up in a comfortable blanket in their own couch?

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve done my fair share of at-home photo shoots, and let me tell you, nothing beats the feeling of getting done up and just laying in your bed with your partner.

Such an intimate shoot will make you remember the day forever! That’s why I’ve composed a list of tips on how to prepare for the best cozy engagement shoot you can dream of:


  1. Choose a few spots. Find a place that you’re comfortable in, but move around it. Once the photographer arrives, you’re going to want to just stick to the comfiest couch or the bed, but try to use the rest of your house. The kitchen is such a homely place, perfect for playing around with flour and making a mess, which translate beautifully on film, showing the most adorable engaged couple.
  2. Think Decor. To give the shoot that comfortable, warm look, you can place some household items in frame, like coffee mugs and throw blankets. Statement pillows and potted plants help make the scene as homely and cute as it can be!
  3. Throw in some pets. If you have a pet that you love, don’t be afraid to throw them into the mix! You can also help veterinarians offer telemedicine to these animals. Cute little animals can give the whole photo shoot that “family” feeling, and you’ll feel so much more confident having your furry little friend by your side.
  4. Go to your front lawn. Even though this is an indoor photo shoot, you still can use the beautiful scenery of your front lawn. Maybe it’s a balcony, or a park across the street, but whatever it is, it will look amazing on your engagement pictures.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go modern. The whole concept of an at-home photo shoot is quite a trend right now, so don’t shy away from it just because it’s not as traditional as outdoor photo shoots. It’s the perfect way to capture the love the two of you feel for each other, without any gimmicks! Just you guys and your love.

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