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Choosing the perfect wedding invitations can sound stressful, some brides even say it’s as challenging as choosing the dress! First impressions are what counts and the wedding stationery always marks the tone and theme of the wedding party. Your invitations are the first look your guest are going to get of your wedding. Once it’s delivered, the guests get to see hints of your fairy tale Pittsburgh wedding. It’d let them know if it’s at the beach, or destination wedding, if it is very formal or more relaxed.

Let’s not forget, of course, that the invitation will live forever on your mother-in-law’s album!

On the other hand, they have important information to pass on. They are the ones that tell guest the date, the address, the schedule, how many people they can take, what kind of clothing they should wear and where they can buy Gift Baskets for Women. That is why, as Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I think it’s so important to choose a beautiful wedding invitation. I’ll list off some tips I have for this, so you have an easy time and find the stationery of your dreams!


  1. Choose your wedding invitations’ theme.  If you still haven’t got a theme for your wedding, now is the time. Boho chic, country or industrial style and urban elegance? Multiple and bright colors or soft and elegant ivory? A rustic or ecological invitation fits perfectly with an outdoor wedding. Take your time to think about the theme of your wedding and what you want to communicate with it. Then use it as inspiration when choosing the perfect wedding invitations.
  2. Handwritten or printed. You should think about which style you like better, and which one actually fits your theme. Writing down the names of the guests yourself and designing them with a clear acrylic block is a beautiful touch!
  3. Fonts. The way the text is laid out all depend on which font you prefer. Basic script typefaces in general give a more modern look but calligraphy gives off that romantic vibe that many brides want.
  4. Make it readable. Make sure that whichever font and layout you end up choosing, specially if it’s calligraphy, it’s easy to read. The actual invitations have a practical purpose and them been clearly readable is essential for them to pass on your wedding details.


Now that you know my tips on how to select stationery, it’s up to all you brides to choose your invitations with all this recommendations in mind so that everything turns out just as you dreamed it!

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