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Flowers can radically transform a cold and empty space into a place full of life and magic. And if magic is what you want to feel on your wedding day, you just need to learn how to decorate with flowers! They are a sure bet on any wedding.

There are as many types of flowers as there are wedding styles. Romantic, country, colorful, elegant… First you need to choose the theme of your Pittsburgh wedding and then you can begin picking what flowers you want and the way you want to lay them out. This blog on GRIP ELEMENTS will help you figure out which flowers to pick out for your wedding.

As a wedding photographer, I love to capture halls with roses and beautiful lavender covered tables, so I decided to list off some of my favorite ways to decorate your reception space with flower.


  1. Vases. It is one of the most traditional options but that just means it’s a surefire way to bring romantic vibes to your Pittsburgh wedding: we all know that well-arranged flowers in a vase can be spectacular.


  1. Bottles and jars. Right now, recycling objects is more fashionable than ever. Try to use bottles or jars just the same as you would use vases. This will sass up the old traditional trope and look very modern.


  1. Lanterns and cages. No one would’ve thought that hanging cages filled with flowers could be as adorable as it is. Also, filling lanterns up with roses is such a stylish way to use flower, I love it! You can choose between placing them on a table or hanging them on the ceiling.


  1. Chairs. Surround the seats with small dainty flowers to spice up the chairs, or even make some of those trendy rows of flowers around the seat!


  1. Centerpieces. Flowers are that key detail in the decoration of your wedding, so you shouldn’t forget about including them in your centerpieces. Whether it’s a traditional Pittsburgh wedding and you want lots of foliage or if your wedding is outdoors and want it to be colorful, they are perfect to give that seal of distinction to your reception space.


  1. Hall. The path of the aisle towards the altar will be even more unforgettable if you fill it with your favorite flowers. I love garden roses, so the fact that they are so trendy right now is just a plus!


  1. Garden roses. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, young Juliet would say, but while she was not wrong with her Romeo, what the girl did not know is that, in fact, not all roses are the same. However, the most famous of all garden roses are known as “Juliet”. This flower symbolizes the deepest love, sincerity and innocence. Is there a more romantic flower?


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