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When you’re planning your fairy tale wedding, a key thing you have to pay lots of attention to is who is going to photograph your wedding. Invitations, catering, even finding your dream dress are extremely important, but none of them matter if there’s not a talented, experienced professional that can capture and immortalize all those things that matter to you and more. For you to choose your Pittsburgh wedding photographer, you can’t forget that this person will be the one that at the end of the month will give you a real that captures the unique moments, emotions and feelings that went down on that special occasion, capturing all those instants that both you and your partner know will want to look back on and other moments that have you haven’t even thought of but that the professional wedding photographer knows well

The fundamental thing is to have at least these two things clear: the budget and the style of the photographer. It is so important to know what kind of photographs you would like to see in a few years and what style you like.

As a wedding photographer myself, I’ve made a simple, tried and true, foolproof list on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer.

What’s your wedding style?

In first place, before you even begin following photographers on Instagram and booking personal interviews, you have to know what you want for your wedding and know what style fits that. Your wedding photographs are there to show what you want on that important day. Traditional, photojournalism, natural… which one do you identify the most with?

Let’s talk budget.

What amount of the budget are you going to dedicate to the photographer? It’s so important that you know how much money goes to each part of your wedding. In particular, the photographer isn’t one to really go budget on, after all, they are responsible for capturing the memories of one of the great days of your life. Therefore, we recommend that 12% of your budget goes to these professionals.

Review previous work, ask for opinions and recommendations.

All professional Pittsburgh photographers nowadays have an Instagram account. Dig deep, go to the website, check out past weddings and what’s in their portfolio. Get to know their style and even go as far as emailing past brides and grooms who have worked with them or seek recommendations on wedding blogs and websites.

Have interviews to meet them in person.

You have to take into account your actual connection with them, after all they will be present at all times and you can’t feel shy or uncomfortable! Always look for someone that inspires confidence — it totally comes across in your photos when you’re having a great time.

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