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Spring is coming up and with it the all of those Pittsburgh weddings that take advantage of this beautiful, romantic season! We all know why this is such a popular time to celebrate weddings, since nature is waking up and returns with beautiful colors and blooming flowers that just makes everything ten times more romantic.

When choosing the color scheme of your Pittsburgh wedding, you have to keep in mind the season, since this will define the theme and style of your dream day. Just like every other season the color schemes change, some trends come and go, fashion is ever changing and for this spring the colors trends I’ve seen will be vibrant, romantic and delicate.

I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful spring wedding as a Pittsburgh wedding photographer so I’m making a list to give you some ideas of what colors schemes are going to be everywhere this season.

Royal Blue

With royal blue details and a specially modern marine approach, blue is one of the colors that are so fashionable for spring weddings right now. Its deep tone brings a lot of liveliness and energy, as well as having all the magic and elegance that a wedding celebration requires.

To make your wedding in royal blue look completely magical, you can combine this elegant color with other neutral colors. For example, with white, nude, pink and gold. Whatever you decide, I assure you will give a special look and feel to your dream day!


This color was one of the favorites for many brides, and there’s no doubt why! By popular demand, it’s back and everywhere this season. It has such delicate and lovely tones and gives off this modern, chic feeling. You can use it for centerpieces, your bridesmaids’ dresses, even the cake decorations!


Coral is one of those colors that is never goes out of fashion and during this spring season it makes complete sense! How can you resist this feminine, delicate color when flowers are blooming, nature is waking up and there is love in the air. It is the special color for your wedding if you want a celebration with elegance, innocence and just plain magic.

You can use the coral color in the floral arrangements, in the centerpieces, the bridesmaids dresses, even the bridal bouquet.

Each of these colors look amazing with complementary colors — especially if you’re looking for a soft, muted palette!

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