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When it comes to planning weddings, a bride’s best friend is her wedding website. Nowadays, having a website is not as new anymore, but it’s still incredibly helpful for keeping your guest on the loop and getting all the important details across.

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of wedding websites, so I’ve written a list of tips and ideas to help all you brides out on this task!

Figure out your wedding theme. Designing the aesthetic of the website should not be too difficult if you have your wedding theme and palette in mind. Or with https://digitalengage.net/web-design/ you can get professional help when it comes to the website design, color scheme and style, so when your guest go on it, they get a glimpse of what your fairy tale day is going to be like!


Talk travel. For all your loved one to be able to be at your wedding, you must specify very clearly when and where it’s going to be! Make sure you explain the time and location, so your guest from out of town can mark it in their calendars and make an effort to go! You can also put the address of the closest airport or the phone numbers of the local hotels.


Wedding schedule. We tend to arrange events on our wedding week, like bachelorette parties, wedding photo shoots, rehearsal dinners and special get-together. Remember to include those dates on the website, so there’s no excuse for anyone to be late!


What should I wear? Make sure you specify the dress code! If your wedding has a particular theme or a location that affects what the guest should be wearing, it’s important that you say it on your website. Lots of guest are familiar with a standard dress code for weddings, but even still, it’s always good to be specific!


Registries, please! Let’s talk gifts. As part of your wedding website, you should always include a registry section. This way, people can get a complete list of the things you and your partner would like to receive, or if you’ve decided you would like donations better, this is the perfect place to say it!


Wedding credits. You can use this section to shout out to your vendors, wedding photographer, even your bridesmaids. Show some love to the people who have been besides you during this journey. This way, you get to show some appreciation and help out future brides who might be interested on who did your flowers on your Pittsburgh wedding.

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