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Most couples like to plan a wedding for spring, summer or fall — but Katie and Jake prove just how overwhelmingly beautiful a winter wedding can be! Taking place at a cozy ski chalet in Seven Springs, this gorgeous couple embraced the winter elements and created a spectacular celebration full of warmth and love.

Katie got ready with her girls in the chalet on the beautiful January day — love the cute matching zip-ups they all wore together! An alternative and comfortable option when you want your bridesmaids to wear matching attire for the getting-ready portion of the celebration.

While Katie was putting the finishing touches on her look, Jake was with the groomsmen getting his own tuxedo ready to go for the big moment.

Katie and Jake had a first look, which was so heartwarming and sweet — the lovely surroundings of the chalet and snow added the perfect touch and lighting to the outdoor wedding photography.

The couple shared some sweet notes and even the bridal party got in on the action!

How breathtaking is this? The snow-covered trees and landscape were simply perfect — Katie was absolutely radiant as a bride.

The vibrant color of the bridesmaid dresses paired beautifully with the crisp white snow and adding a fresh color to the surroundings — just another reason why winter weddings are pretty darn fabulous!

Inside, the cozy factor got elevated through the addition of many candles in an assortment of vessels and heights — is there anything more beautiful that fresh flowers and candlelight in a beautiful chalet? Winter wedding perfection.

Woodsy accents and greenery were used throughout — beautiful seating cards were displayed for guests to see and once inside, they were treated to spectacular floral place settings.

The ceremony took place inside, under twinkling lights and garlands — how beautiful is this?! Such a perfect way to dress up a chalet for a cozy winter wedding.

Candles and twinkling lights were carried through to the reception, adding such a beautiful atmosphere for Katie and Jake to celebrate their first few hours as husband and wife!

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