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The boho chic trend in weddings is one of the most popular ones this year and more and more Pittsburgh brides are going for this beautiful, earthy style. The concept was born on the catwalk, in the world of fashion, and from there it has gone to weddings, primarily because of the romance it exudes and the focus it gives to the feeling of freedom. This style is designed for lovely, unique couples who want their wedding to be special, and not necessarily conventional. In addition, the aesthetic aims to evoke the natural elements, textures, colors and smells of nature, that is, a wedding with different experiences for all the senses!

To be an authentic boho bride you need to pay special attention to some of the details of your look, such as the cut of your wedding dress and your hairstyle. Also, if your wedding is planed amidst sand, ckgscoop.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=62 a product like this is a must. All of this usually goes in tune with other conventional ideas for decoration: flowers, handmade details in centerpieces, leafy green areas… A mixture between hippie and bohemian, romantic and delicate, all of it working together to take you and your guests to a chill, lovely atmosphere.

Here is a list of the things to keep in mind to make your Pittsburgh wedding have that amazing, boho vibe:

Loose dresses

A boho bride usually doesn’t go for the mermaid silhouette or long tails. They opt for a straight wedding dresses or for a two piece. Looks that focus on details on the upper part of your body, with a skirt that has lots of movement. Among the most used fabrics in this type of designs are tulle and gauze, either alone or combined with delicate lace and subtle transparencies. All of them really make a difference and define this style perfectly.

Comfortable shoes

At this point, the only rule is your comfort. Let your personality come out and be in tune with nature and the place of the ceremony: choose your shoes according to the setting of your venue. Platforms are best if you plan on walking around outside on grass or gravel — or swap out your shoes for flats during the reception!

Throw up your hair 

In the same way that princess-cut bridal gowns don’t fit with the aesthetic of boho brides, tight, perfect updos don’t either. Instead, make a safe bet on all kinds of loose hairstyles, whether it’s braids in all styles and shapes or hairstyles for messy, beachy waves hair . The important thing is that you pick a slightly unpolished style, which is right in the boho theme.


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