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Let’s face it. Wedding can be expensive for the bride and groom and their families so it is necessary to make a plan that lets you evaluate your options. Although it can change a lot depending on your possibilities, it is good to have a fixed budget and start preparing what you know you must have on your wedding.

By knowing exactly where the money is going, it makes it easier for you to detect excessive expenses and make better choices during the wedding preparations. For all those brides who are starting to worry and their fantastic fiance who don’t leave their side, we’ll show you below some tips to prepare your pockets for the big day,

How much can you spend?

First of all, you should talk with your partner about how much money they have and what the actual expenses will be; that budget that you both discussed, planned and established should be respected. After that, it only remains to comply with and stick to that budget in order to avoid future conflicts.

Guest list

This is your first step to start making your Pittsburgh wedding budget. We recommend you make several lists, where you write down all the essentials guest, the one you would love to invite if you had more room, and your ideal lists. This way you can establish priorities and adjust the budget according to your needs.

Find out what really matters to you

There are a series of essential items for a wedding and that you should take into account when deciding the budget: the banquet, the wedding dress and the wedding dress, the honeymoon .. But, there is also unnecessary stuff (like maybe live music, open bar, limousines, etc.) So, determining what’s important and what’s not will help you set your priorities.

The basics: the venue and catering

The rent of the venue, the catering and the drinks will suppose the first big chunk of money. It’s convenient that you find out in advance what type of services are included with the hiring of the room (if that means saving some money!). Then, define and group in different subgroups the rest of the products and services that you will need for the wedding

The wedding dress

The price of the wedding dress varies a lot depending on where you buy it and its characteristics. Generally the average price can be quite a big chunk of your Pittsburgh wedding budget. Don’t forget to add shoes, bouquets and other accessories, so keep that in mind when making the budget.

Photography and video

Photographing and recording your magical day is a world full of possibilities because it can allow you to capture your oh-so-dreamed moment and give you the best memory of your wedding. The price depends a lot on the type of style and expertise the photographer has. Leave some space on your budget for hiring a photographer that can capture the beauty of your wedding day.

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