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Summer is coming, y’all. And with it, are the flock of summer weddings that come with this beautiful, warm season. Having your wedding in this time of the year has its advantages (like the natural, stunning tan you get and the amazing green scenery) but it can also bring forth some complications, specially in the wedding department.

I’ve documented my fair share of beautiful Pittsburgh weddings since I’m a wedding photographer, so for that reason, today I’ve made a list of the things that you have to keep in mind so that you, your guests and your partner can enjoy your lovely Pittsburgh summer wedding.


It’s going to be hot

The high temperatures can become a big problem, especially if you decide to hold the wedding outdoors. It is such a dreamy location with flowers, rattan coffee table, but since the heat can become too much sometimes, you have to take a few preventative measures.

Have an iced drinks cart

Iced tea, lemonade and many cold cocktail, this convenient idea can give your wedding a refreshing and beautiful escape from the heat. From the beginning to the end of the evening have the drink cart and as the day goes on and the night falls, add new drinks.

Umbrellas and fans are you new best friend

My experience as a wedding photographer has taught me that if you’re having the ceremony or the reception outdoors, it is best to load the whole place with umbrellas so you create some shade. Also, consider making your menu a fan. Besides being practical, it is so cute and original.

Heels + grass = not the best combo

Some of the guest might think ahead and decide to favor some wedge heels but for those who don’t walking on grass with high heels can be a tricky situation. To avoid any mishaps it’s best to include an area where they can put leave their shoes and change into some flip flops! This is not only good to prevent any accidents or sore feet, but it means the dance floor at your Pittsburgh wedding will be 10 times fuller and more active! However, Bengal Law can help with your situation in case anyone gets into an accident.

Have some cool corners

Another way to get your guest to cool down is to include corners where there is always shade. Whether you end up using a well located tree or a little tent, you can pair these cool zones with wicker sofas, white curtains and lots of cushions, to get a relaxing area for ​​the summer wedding of your dreams!

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