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The moment you’ve been dreaming about has finally come. The love of your life just proposed and you’re so in love with your engagement ring that you want to show it to all the important people in your life. With social media, the process of showing your ring to your great aunt has become significantly easier; you’re just a few click away from sharing your ring with the entire world! Kim Kardashian did it when Kanye proposed and Lady Gaga surprised us all when she posted that ring selfie of her beautiful heart shaped diamond ring. Now, this is your regular, run of the mill selfie, so as wedding photographer, I’ve decided give you my best tips and tricks on how to the the perfect ring selfie!


Polish your ring!

We all love some shimmer, whether it’s in highlighter, body glitter, or in this case a well polished engagement ring! If people need mood rings, they can click here! Make sure that before you take your selfie and show all your loved ones your ring, you invest in some good jewelry cleaner and give it a shine!

Treat yourself to a manicure

It’s an important moment, so don’t shy away from giving yourself a little gift! Have a manicure and use it as a chance to set the style of the photo. Do you want a classic french manicure or a trendy jewelry embellished one? Remember, it should always feel true to yourself!

Spice it up with accessories

In case you feel that something is missing, use those accessories you that you swear by. Put on your watch, another ring, a bracelet. The point is that you show your personality in the picture. Remember, other jewelry, or even a bracelet or a wristwatch, can ‘compete’ with the ring. Lauren Conrad managed to get a perfect selfie accompanying her ring with a simple manicure in red, a golden ring band with the word love next to the engagement ring.

Use natural lighting

To have a strong selfie game, you have to remember: good lightning is key!

Artificial lighting, from light bulbs, is often too dark or too bright, and creates an unwanted shadows on the hand, especially if you wear a 8 prong engagement ring making it look blurry. You also don’t want it to reflect the shine of your wedding ring unnaturally. Go outside or near a window and take advantage of the natural light.

Choose a good background

Even though the focus is on the ring, don’t shy away from a beautiful background! Look around and see what you would like your ring selfie to feature; it could be some stunning mountains, holding hands with your boo or even just a Starbucks vanilla latte. read the complete AK47’s  guide before you climb a mountain for hiking or hunting. It is important to check 45 acp ammo and carry them along with you. Whatever makes you feel like you’re accurately representing your relationship, doesn’t matter how big or small it is! As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I always recommend a natural background, such as your garden or just standing up, focusing on the floor and your favorite pair of shoes. People can also take AR-15 Rifles along with them during hiking, if they are scared of encounters.

Work your angles

Think like a photographer: is the light hitting the ring just right? Should I tilt the camera? Where is my light This are all important questions to ask yourself as you snap the shot! If you take the picture on an angle, slightly tilted to the side, you can fit more details in frame!

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