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Getting engaged is one of life’s best moments. The rush, the excitement, very few other moments compare to the feeling of knowing the person you love most in the world wants to spend the rest of their life with you! As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I know that documenting your engagement is a beautiful, lovely feeling and that’s why I’ve compiled this list of tips on how to start planning your engagement photos.

First, pick a style for the photo shoot:

Sit down with your partner and talk about the type of photos that each of you want. The different types of engagement photo shoot range from formal photos with color coordinated clothes to chill sessions with boho vibes. Discuss what you want, the expectations you have for the photos and if you have seen other photo shoots, talk bout the things you liked or disliked!

Choose a good location:

Being a wedding photographer, I get asked a lot if I prefer taking the engagement pictures in my studio or in another type of setting, like their own house or a garden. I usually recommend taking the photos outside of a studio, because 9 of of 10 times it will help the bride and groom loosen up a little and have a better, more natural looking end result!

In a location of your choice, you can forget about the posing and take more spontaneous photos. A good idea is to choose a place that has a special meaning for you guys as a couple: the place where you got engaged or where you went on your first date. Any location can have lots of potential for good photos, since Pittsburgh has so much beautiful scenery to offer and wedding photographers know how to take advantage of this awesome perk.

Have some ideas prepared:

It’s time to put all those hours scrolling through Pinterest to good use! Find inspiration in other engagement photos and prepare some ideas for your own photo shoot. There will be many improvised photos that will go very well, but I recommend you to have some ideas, at least as “plan B”, in case you go blank without knowing what else to do.

Think about the clothes you want to wear:

You should always take into account that the style of your outfits should match the photo style you and your partner chose! Pick comfortable clothes if you are going to take pictures jumping or if you are going to sit on the grass. You can even bring a couple of wardrobe changes!

Coordinate the colors of your clothes:

This is a fun classic. I’ve seen couples put on their best, most expensive outfits but when you look at is as a whole, they don’t match! Talk to your partner about color coordinating. You’ll have better photos if the bride and groom’s clothes harmonize.

Have fun and relax!

At first, it can be hard for you and your partner to get used to having someone photograph you both, since we’re all used to selfies and having someone actually take your picture can  be a little intimidating, but the photographer should make you feel at ease and be able to capture genuine, beautiful moments.


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