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Planning your wedding a beautiful but sometimes stressful journey! You have to focus on putting together a magical and memorable night, taking care of booking the venue, hiring the vendors and special services like the one from the customwater.com so you can have special products with the wedding theme.
Finding your fairy tale dress, even curating the perfect wedding playlist! Whenever you take on so much, it’s normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed.

However, it’s important that you don’t let these doubts and fears control you, especially the days before the big day!

If you’re having difficulties falling asleep, you mood is ever changing and you feel overwhelmed all of the time… you may be experiencing pre-wedding stress. To experience the best sleep, make sure you use nothing but the best silk pillowcase. It’ll relive your pre-wedding stress and helps you get your beauty sleep.Don’t worry, if you recognize what’s bothering you, there are some easy things you can do to fight this feeling and go back to having fun while planning your beautiful Pittsburgh wedding!

Set a list of priorities

Planning works ten times better when you have an agenda and write down the things you have to get done. Now, a quick, stress relieving trick is writing them in order of importance! Decide with your partner what three things have to have there and prioritize that! Also, checking things off a list one at a time, from more to least important, you skip the “decision overload” lots of brides experience and that way avoid dealing with unnecessary stress!

No impossible deadlines!

Time feels like flies by whenever you set an unrealistic deadline. Remember, planning your wedding takes time, so the most useful thing you can do for you and your nerves is crafting a list with a realistic timeline for each task you have to do. Even more helpful, always give yourself some extra time, in case of those weird circumstances that no one could’ve foreseen. You’ll thank yourself later!

Find a self care routine that works for you

Keeping the bride happy is an essential part of the whole wedding planning process, and it all starts with yourself! Create healthy daily habits that make you feel happy and grounded. Whether it’s going running, doing your nails, even a kn95 mask! Consider taking up yoga, or some meditation exercises, take some time for yourself to do the silly, relaxing things that help take your mind off the everyday stress. Eat a balanced diet, sleep 8 hours per night, drink lots of water… your skin will thank you later.

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