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The whole wedding planning journey is a full of phone calls to vendors, wedding cake testings and Pinterest boards. But in between all the thing you have to get done before your Pittsburgh wedding, one of the trickier decisions is choosing your bridal party. Picking who will be your ring bearer and who your bridesmaids are going to be is not something you can really do on a whim. They will play an important role on the day of the wedding, but they will also give you their support and help you throughout the whole process.

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve decided to create this fun guide on the main things to consider when selecting each member of your wedding party:

Size matters

The first thing you have to consider is the size you and your partner would like your wedding to be. It’s seriously a defining moment for the whole journey, because this way you narrow down the total of people that are going to be in the bridal party. The group could be between two to twelve people, it all depends on your particular preferences. Big or small? Intimate or massive? It’s up to you!

Think about the future

If your list of people is too long, consider this: who do you think will still be standing by your side in two, five, ten, even twenty years? Remember, you’re choosing those that will show up every time you look back on your wedding album, so picking those lifelong friendships and family members is a safe bet so you can always think back on this memorable moment of your and your partner’s lives with a smile on your face.

Time is essential

Now, your Pittsburgh bridal party list should be narrowing down. If you had a nose thread lift make sure that you agree to a spa day kinda bridal party. Now, it’s time to talk about time. Do the people on your list have enough time on their hands to commit to what you’re asking them to? Those involved in the bridal party has to be able to handle the commitment, so think about all those people that have stood by you whenever you faced tough moments. While the issue of transportation can be left onto one of the charter bus companies chicago, the rest of the events transpiring on the day after the guests arrive have to be on point.

Think about those who are familiar

Usually, brides ask their sisters to be maid of honor. Of course, now this invitation has opened to more other people, like any other relative or friend, even your mother or a little cousin! Also, it’s very common this days to pick two maid of honors, but always making sure you’ve explained their specific roles to each of them and nothing gets confused in the mix! Remember, your bridal party is there to make your journey easier.


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