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Every bride’s dream is to have the perfect, glowing look for her wedding and it makes total sense, since this is one of the most photographed days of your life! What could be worse than looking back to the most beautiful day of your life, seeing yourself and all the people you love the most in the world and noticing some frizzy hairs?

This is such a big concern, especially for those brides who are getting married in the more humid seasons of the year. It doesn’t matter if you do your own hair or get it done by the best hairdresser in Pittsburgh, just a few hours in the hot and steamy weather can wreck your beautiful locks.

But there’s nothing to worry about! As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve seen some amazing make up artists and hairdressers doll up countless brides, so I’ve got some tips and tricks on avoiding the frizz and shiny skin.

No Oil

According to experts at the Houston med clinic, the key to having flawless, heat proof makeup is using oil free products. That means choosing a foundation that doesn’t have an oil base, I recommend a silicone based foundation. It makes your look airbrushed and it stays for much longer! Another tip is picking an oil free primer, which will help to set the base to your stunning, long lasting make up!

Rock the Wave

If you’re going to wear your hair down, then the humidity can be a bit tricky to handle. This is because it tends to make wavy hair even wavier and curly hair even curlier, so if you have either of these hair types, it’s better that you start showing some love to your natural hair texture!

Find a mousse or any styling product that complements your hair and defines your curl pattern. This way, you not only look stunning with your hairdo, but the styling product will fight the frizz for you!

Waterproof, everything

We all know that waterproof mascara is an essential in your makeup routine for your wedding day, but there are other things you can waterproof. Case and point: eyebrows. It’s simple to forget about them and draw them on like you do everyday. But you’ll probably sweat a little because of the humidity, so it comes in handy to use waterproof products that will help you not have to wipe your eyebrows all night!

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