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You might be thinking that adding a wedding photo checklist to your already long lists of checklist is sort of silly, maybe unnecessary thing to do. But let my experience as a Boston wedding photographer tell you it is absolutely not! It can actually be a lifesaver for some, because during your special day you’ll be experiencing beautiful, one of a kind moments and you don’t want to be worrying about getting all the shots you want.

There’s no need to have the list in your pocket and keep checking it through the day, you just have to leave in the hands of your wedding photographer. They will know exactly what you want and all the pivotal moments you want for your album!

The best wedding pictures tell a unique and unrepeatable. Regardless of the type of photograph you choose for your day, having good communication with your photographer will make a big difference in the type of photographs you’ll end up with. You might trust they know what they’re doing, but it’s your day after all and you need to tell the photographer which shots just can’t be missed! All my years working as a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh have made me realize that across all weddings, styles and backgrounds, there are 5 recurring shots that all brides ask to have. I decided to share with you this top 5 wedding photographs:


The mother of the bride helping the her adjust her dress

One of the top requested shots I get is of the mother of the bride helping her daughter get ready for the big moment. It can be adjusting the dress, but it can also be fixing her hair, the tail of the dress, her accessories. It’s about showing some of that mother-daughter love!


The bride and her entourage going out and the groom and his entourage.

An unmissable shot is that of the bride and her squad. Her bridesmaids and maid of honor posing with her is just a timeless picture, and the same applies for the groom and his squad.


The bride and the father walking towards the altar

Such a beautiful, lovely moment! Having the father of the bride walk her to the altar is always a tearjerker, and capturing that is always a priority for a wedding photographer. This shot gives me goosebumps every time!


The kiss

This one picture is simply a necessity! Photographing the exact moment you and your partner become husband and wife is such an emotional shot!


The first dance

Now, this is during the reception but still as important as the rest. Brides always ask for this shot, because of the significance of their first dance as a married couple.


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