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Your rehearsal dinner is a fun, unique experience to share some quality time with all the people you love most in the world. You might have everything planned to the tee, but have you checked if your wedding photography package comes with rehearsal dinner included?

You may want your wedding photographer there, because even though sharing time with family and friend will be amazing regardless if a photographer is there, you will want a professional to document all the laughs and tears that come with the good time you’re having!

It’s a different side of the wedding journey

We can’t deny that, despite the wedding ceremony being such a important day in both the bride and grooms lives, there’s just something special about the rehearsal dinner. It might be that it’s that “day before” energy that helps relax the whole room or just having the time to sit down and eat with all your friends and family. Whatever it is, capturing it in pictures is essential.

You get to document all those happy moments! The intimate, more relaxed gathering allows the pictures to come out very genuine.

Get a picture with everyone

Since rehearsal dinners are usually an intimate affair, it’s always narrowed down to your near and dearest. This the perfect opportunity to the the thing that is extremely difficult to do during the actual wedding day: take photos with everyone!

The craziness of the wedding reception means you’ll be taking pictures with all those that pull you to them, and it’s easy to forget some essential photos, like with your aunts or grandma. Having your photographer at the rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to get a picture with all the essentials, so everyone is happy! Also, it’s a great opportunity for us to get familiar with the guests, so come the day, we have a better idea on who’s who.


All the wonderful, tear filled toast that your family and friends give during your rehearsal dinner are going to be unforgettable. And let me tell you, you’ll want to have a wedding photographer there to document it all.

These speeches are usually not as formal and can be even more emotional, so getting to look back at those sweet, candid moments is a great thing!

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