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Sometimes, when we have an evening wedding we lose the charm that the bright and shiny sun offers or the lovely warm weather. In fact, having a daytime wedding can have so many advantages, from budget cuts to a more romantic, lovely vibe that only the daytime can give you. I’ve photographed lots of Pittsburgh weddings during the day, so I decided to review all the things you need to know to have a successful and absolutely beautiful wedding (before 6 pm!)


1) If you are planning a daytime wedding, the wedding ceremony will have to be between noon and one o’clock in the afternoon so that the reception of the wedding begins around 3 o’clock. This means booking everything in advance to this time, and that includes the venue, caterers, florist, even the priest!


2) Now that we mentioned the venue, where you have the ceremony usually changes with the time you have it. Often for a daytime wedding, a garden is chosen, so you can  take advantage of the warm weather.


4) But know, if you’re thinking about having a wedding during the day and the season is not known for its heath (i.e. autumn or winter), you may want to avoid the cold or rainy weather, so choosing an indoors venue is your safest bet.


6) As for the color scheme, there’s nothing more charming than bright, striking colors and combinations. Think of lovely pastel decorations, or imagine your flower arrangement filled with vibrant tones! Remember to take into account the season you’re in, but m tip is: the more cheerful, the better. It’s also important to mention that black, gold and silver don’t usually go with daytime Pittsburgh weddings.


7) The wedding dress. Choose a gown that highlights all your best assets and fits right into what you always imagined your dress to be like, but avoid thick, heavy or bejeweled fabrics. As for the bridal hair and makeup, go for a natural, relaxed and stunning look. Your goal is too fit right in with the wedding theme and not to clash with the general bright aesthetic


8) Provide some evening entertainment. Even though your guests are not staying until the late hours of the night, you might want to give them some ideas of activities they can do while the are in town. Suggest fun local things, like going to museums or a particular restaurant you love! You might even want to have them all gather afterwards in local a bar for a final toast.


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