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We’ve all dreamed about having the perfect wedding. Your fairy tale dress in a magical venue surrounded by all your closest family and friends. But the type of wedding you end up having should always be representative of who you are. Some dream about having hundreds of guests in a huge ballroom, flowers and waiters everywhere. A very crowded affair.

But some dream of a different wedding, a little bit smaller and more intimate.

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve gone to all kinds of wedding and let me tell you, the smaller weddings are always some of my favorite. That’s why I’ve decided to list the benefits of having a small wedding!

Only your nearest and dearest!

When you’re crafting your wedding guest list, it’s sometimes difficult to say who makes the cut. Should your dad’s work friends be invited? What about your college roommates that you haven’t spoken to in 5 years?

One perk of having an intimate wedding is that you get to invite only those that are really important to you and your partner. This way, you get to surround yourself with all the people that you love most in the world.

Location, location, location!

When you have a wedding of 200 guests and upwards, your venues options are reduced to large gardens, haciendas or hotel halls. However, a small wedding could take place in your favorite museum, art gallery, rooftop or even a restaurant!

Bigger budget!

Small weddings are an excellent excuse to treat yourself and your guests. You don’t have to go for the classic wedding menu and instead you can spend more in an unforgettable and personalized menu. You can offer gourmet sandwiches, you can also click here for more information on colorful dessert stations or a wedding cake that amazes everyone, as well as toasting with your favorite champagne or wine.

The money you save can also be used for your honeymoon! For you and your partner to have an amazing time away, you can use some of the money that you would normally use in accommodating hundreds of guests to accommodating the two of you!



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