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Designing the wedding menu can be such a treat, but it can also feel a little overwhelming! You see so many trends, so many Pinterest boards, that you don’t know what exactly you want. You only know you want an original, unique wedding. So the reception treats should follow suit. Your wedding menu can be just as original as you.

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve tasted some amazing wedding menus that show so much personality, so I decided to create this list of amazingly unique reception treats to inspire you:


S’mores Dessert Bar

What’s better than sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows and enjoy delicious warm s’mores? Well, having them at your wedding of course! This finger picking, tasty treat will leave you guest wanting some more!


Ice Cream Food Truck

Okay, hear me out. This is a trend that I am completely on board with. Food trucks are the most charming, special way to deliver food, so bringing them to your wedding just seems like the next logical step. An amazing way to incorporate them is combining them with the world’s best treat: ice cream. It’s delicious and also will help your guests cool down!


Exotic Fruit Salad and Smoothies Bar

If you’re personally have a healthier lifestyle, nothing fits your personality better than a fruit salad and smoothies bar. This way, your guests will get the freshest and tastiest fruits and enjoy every second of it! If you’re into this idea, you could also pair it with some vibrant decorations, that as a wedding photographer, I can tell you will look amazing in the pictures! You could even give out cute little succulents as a gift!


Pie Dessert Bar

This is such delicious idea, because it combines the best of both worlds: baked goods and fruit! Most people are fans of pies of all kinds, so having a cute station where you can try out different flavors just sounds like a dream!


Glazed Doughnut Dessert Bar

This trends has been big recently and I think it deserves all the recognition it’s getting! Doughnuts are amazing and giving your guests a whole area where they can enjoy this delicious treat is great way for them to remember your special day!

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