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At the beginning of your wedding planning journey, all brides have to figure some basic things out. Where you want to have your wedding is one of them. Have you considered what type of wedding you want to have? If you already have a style and a theme in mind, you can start thinking about the actual venue of your dreams. Is it in the countryside or is it in the city?

Now, this is sort of a loaded questions, because countryside and city weddings are absolutely different. But it is not only the location that changes: the decoration, the food and even the wedding dress styles needs to change depending which type of wedding you end up choosing. But, as a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of stunning countryside wedding, and also beautiful city weddings, so I decided to narrow down the pros and cons for you:


A City Wedding

The Pros




In the city, there are way more options for venues, caterers, decorations that you are bound to find the personal style that suits you best.



If you want all of the people that you love the most in your life to be there on your special day, then choosing a city wedding can be a bit more convenient. Cities have more transportation available and have a wider selection of hotels and accommodations for your guests, so in the end it’s way easier to get to your wedding!


The Cons



This totally depends on the actual venue you’re looking for, but on average, a Pittsburgh wedding takes up more of your budget than one that is on the outskirts of the city.


Usually, cities are busier and filled with people, so the level of privacy that you’ll get during your special day can be less than if you compare it to a country estate in the middle of a town.



A Countryside Wedding


The Pros

The view

One of the top advantages to having your wedding on the countryside are the amazing views that come with it. Think of the wedding photography! Imagine having as a backdrop some beautiful rolling hills or an idyllic hot spring! Lots of venues on the countryside use this strategic location and have stunning scenery for you and your loved ones to marvel at!

The get away

Even though you might end up traveling more to get to your venue in the countryside, once you are there, it’s your time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. to help you relax and take the burden off, traveling services and companies (click here) can help you find the perfect spot.

You could pick the small town where you or your partner grow up in or a completely new and exciting rural location none of you have visited before, the choice is yours! You will for sure have a beautiful escape from city life.


The Cons

The weather

This is a tricky thing, because weddings in the countryside more likely to have an outdoor element, considering the view they offer, so keeping the weather in mind is essential! You might have to have a plan B in case the weather shifts and you and your guest need a sheltered place to stay dry!

The accommodations

If you choose a countryside wedding, then you’ll have to keep in mind than the state that you’re having your wedding at will probably not be able to accommodate all your guests. So, it’s important you look for suitable hotels and bed and breakfast that your out of town guests can stay in. Transportation is also an issue in rural areas, so arranging a taxi services for your guests to go back to their hotels might be necessary!

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