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We usually picture newlyweds in some far off, exotic island, enjoying the first days as a marriage. 

But the reality is that nowadays, like most things, expectations have changed. Brides can wear non-traditional colors to their wedding, you could have and arrange cupcakes instead of a wedding cake and, most importantly, you don’t have to go on your honeymoon right away. 

And while it’s true that all couples dream about getting to black desert house, a magical place to relax, after all the wedding planning that has been going on for the past year, there a some pros to delaying the honeymoon. I work closely with brides and grooms, being a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, so I’ve heard first hand some of the reason in favor and against it, so I decided to list off the main pros and cons of postponing your honeymoon.




Save up for your dream honeymoon

As most of us have come to realize, a wedding is not cheap. Usually, it’s the couple that is responsible for paying all of the expenses. If you choose to delay your honeymoon, you’re giving your finances a break and letting your bank account reach a more stable balance, so you can splurge and enjoy the trip of your dreams.

No rush

Right after the wedding is done, couples are used to catching a cab and skipping town to start their new married life together in a peaceful retreat. But this means that they don’t get to spend time with family and friends, some that they haven’t been able to see in a while and maybe had to travel a long way to get there. You could use the time after the wedding to reconnect and spend time with those that you don’t normally get to see!



It could be anticlimactic.

After such and exciting, memorable day, you may be in what we call “wedding high” and just going back to normal life can be a bit difficult. It’s not necessarily fun to throw an amazing party over the weekend and then have to go back to the office on Monday.date night as a married couple, taking a little time to spend together alone after the wedding will help transition you into going back to everyday life.


Some people fear that if they don’t plan ahead and go on their honeymoon right after they get married, that they are risking not going to their honeymoon, ever. Sometimes life gets in the way, and knowing how busy both p your lives are like, you may fear continuing to postpone your dreamed get away.

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