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Wedding season is upon us and if you are one of those brides who would rather do something unique and put aside certain bridal traditions such as the classic wedding cake, you’ve come to the right page. Weddings are celebrations full of history and traditions that have survived hundreds of years. However, nothing is trend-proof, meaning not many things can avoid being modified or outright thrown out and one of those old traditions is the wedding cake.

We’ve seen the rise of couples switching the wedding up and choosing a dessert buffet table instead of the traditional cake. Once dinner is over, it’s time for some deliciously sweet desserts to take on stage as the finishing touch!

The wedding cake tradition is based on the fact that the bride and groom cut the first piece of cake and after this they share the cake with the rest of the guests. But if you are a trend-setting bride, you have probably already considered banishing the cake and choosing another more innovative dessert. Or at least offer both! As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve tasted my fair share of dessert tables and here’s are some top alternatives to the wedding cake:

Donut Wall

This alternative completely leaves out the traditional form of cake and hangs delicious baked sweets up on a panel, made exclusively of glazed donuts with different decorations. These can be chocolate, sugar, chopped almonds, and fondant details among many others that match your taste. What makes it the best are the choppychoppy, crunchy nuts.

Macarons Table

As with cupcakes, macarons are an increasingly common option at weddings. Its countless flavor and color options make them irresistible and you can serve them individually to each guest (from 3 to 4 pieces) or place them in a chic tower!

Smoothies Dessert Bar

An exceptional choice which can turn your celebration into one of the most joyful and entertaining weddings! If you want to surprise your guests, don’t hesitate to break the rules and replace the cake for drinks with plenty of flavors, leaving the choice to each of your guests.

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