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Wedding season is upon us, my lovely friends, and I couldn’t be happier! What could ever beat sharing the most important day of your life with all those that you love dearly?

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I get to spend this magical season documenting the laughs, tears and the absolute joy that without a doubt fills all weddings.

Considering the major role that the wedding photography has in every bride’s fairy tale wedding, I thought we should talk about one of the most important things you have to know before your wedding day: how to get that amazing shot. Getting the best wedding photography depends a lot on how much you trust your photographer, how comfortable you are in front of a camera and how used to it you are to modeling your buns off while rocking the most beautiful gown ever.

But don’t be nervous! You don’t need to be an experienced runway model to have amazing wedding photographs, you only need to have confidence in yourself, your partner and the photographer. Having dealt with the nerves of hundreds of anxious brides, I decided to share my best two tips on getting stunning and effortless wedding photography:

Enjoy the moment

Being followed with a camera all day long might seem a little intimidating and very exhausting, but I assure you, if you have chemistry with your photographer and let yourself relax, you won’t even notice they are even there.

Take a deep breath, remind yourself why you’re there and stay in the moment. This is one of those moments you’ll remember forever, surrounded by all the people you love most in the world and right next to the love of your life, so the smiles and tears will come naturally! You just need to trust to relax.

Become BFFs with your photographer

When you first start meeting with Pittsburgh wedding photographers, you need to see their whole portfolio. This way you get to know their style, their preferences and their personality. But once you’ve picked “the one”, it’s time to look beyond a set of photographs and build a stronger relationship with this person who will help make your wedding day unforgettable! You need to have a connection with them, feel comfortable in their presence and be able to hit it off! Listening to their cues and commands is important, so make sure you like the way they work!

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