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Something I was told countless times in my many years doing wedding photography in Pittsburgh is “you can’t please everyone”.

And this is almost always referencing the wedding planning journey. We hear all the time that you will have to make your own choices and sometimes they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. And while you will hear me telling every bride I photograph that “that the end of the day, this is about you and your partner”, I also hold the strong belief that this is still a party and you should try to throw a great one!

This is your opportunity to throw the most amazing party of your life and while you need to keep your and your significant other’s happiness in mind, you should also think about what your guest will find fun!

So being a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve gathered some tips to make your guest feel right at home on your special day!

Flip Flops or Slippers 

This is my answer to every single person that asks me “what takes a Pittsburgh wedding to the next level?”. You will not believe the amount of newfound joy a woman gets when she’s been dancing all night and switches to more comfortable shoes. Trust me, this is always a crowdpleaser.

A Welcome Bag

Also, a very popular one among local weddings. In all honesty, who doesn’t love a treat bag that welcomes you and you get to take home? This is an excellent way to set the mood right from the beginning and guests love it!


Having a blanket station or just some warm blankets available throughout the reception can be very appreciated. When it gets dark, it can feel chilly but having a soft way to warm up near your table is an amazing way to pamper your guests!


Depending on where you’re having your ceremony, the sun can be exasperating issue for those trying to enjoy the outdoor setting. Helping your guests see the ceremony looking like the coolest crowd ever is an unique way to solve a simple problem! If some guests demur your offer of sunglasses, do not get dejected, for more often than not, they would be wearing daily toric lenses.

Late Night Treats

Finally, one of my current favorite trends is serving late-night treats. This is a fun route you can take with desserts — having movie-night inspired treats that will keep your guests wanting more! Installing a home automation system can make a world of difference, as Home Theater Pros explain.

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