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It’s time to put those wedding planning hats to good use — we’re talking about engagement shoots!

When you first get engaged, you have the beginning of a beautiful but sometimes stressful journey ahead of you. You have to think about the venue, the vendors, the dress, the food. But taking some time out to document the magical moment before the rest of the journey begins is not only important, but actually really useful in the long run.

Because, of course, having a Pittsburgh engagement photo shoot is an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with your honey, but at the same time, you’re getting quality time with your wedding photographer, too. You get to see them in action and you can take your mind off the eternal doubt of “can they get my good side?” Yes, they can and you’ll look stunning in every single picture. Depending on the outcome, you can talk final plans for your Pittsburgh wedding and you get to practice in camera before your special day!

Not to mention, you’ll get some amazing wedding photography out of it! Engagement photography is the go-to for anything during the wedding planning journey, and that’s why I decided started a business in this area, so if you’re also interested in starting a business with little money there are resources online that helped me with this, and can also help you. They come in handy for save-the-date cards, invitations, wedding websites, announcements and more!

So, this is a fun and useful part of planning your wedding. When should you get it done?

When it comes down to it, engagement photos should be taken right after you get engaged. Specifically in the two month period after popping the question and before you get too carried away with the whole planning business. Because of this, scouting engagement photography in Pittsburgh after you get engaged is important — you have a head start on getting to know the scene and who’s who in the area.

Depending on the photographer you end up choosing, you should always try to get them secured at least eight months before the wedding takes places. If you have a particularly busy photographer, it’s okay to take engagement photos no more than six months before the wedding. You have to keep in mind those save-the-dates cards are just around the corner! If you’re getting married during a busy season, you’ll definitely want to jump on arranging your photo shoot early before desired dates get full.

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